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I am confused over some of the posts here, I very much agree these are very hard times we live in, and I too suffer from health problems making me unable to work any longer.  I also still believe in sharing what little I do have to share, when I have it.

What confuses me however is some of the stories I read on here, If there is NO money for bills, food, etc.  Where does the money come from to pay the home phone bill?? The cell phone bills, the INTERNET bills??  These things to me are GREAT luxuries, not a necessity in order to live.

In order for someone to receive help from someone else they must first be willing to try to help themselves.  By this I mean cutting out all unnecessary items from your life, as hard as it may be.  I went for a couple of years without even basic cable.  I had what my daughter lovingly refers to as country cable.  Rabbit ears.... I did not have a telephone, I lived off of only the basic necessities.  When you are able to do this, then and only then are people willing to help you. 


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